Welcome to The Magnificent Experience!

Dear Friends, Fans and Supporters,

The infinite cosmos ... and all that is finite in relation to it. An individual feeling ... it's a drop in humanity's ocean. Could Beethoven’s work cover everything, and even more too?

Here are some ideas that I have formulated to address his work ...

 Let us suppose that a passage describes tenderness; does Beethoven describe tenderness for something special, or is it the macro definition of tenderness? He used to say that music is the most profound philosophy ... as if to say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, instead of a picture, it would be sound ...  I believe that each sonata is like a picture that somehow encompasses "The Whole," said 32 different ways, at different times in the composer's life, but that portrays the infinite in such an seminal way as the dimension of the universe (and beyond) ...

 We could ask ourselves, what is the "totality", so to speak?  We could answer things like: the history of the universe, the known and  the unknown, the planet earth, the history of mankind- and the evolution of our species - wars, battles, and fields of individual and collective emotions ...

 Finally, a message to the future ... I think it’s optimism to value life over death ... Are we suppose to hear a sonata and "turn it off" together with the CD player? ... then nothing? Or when we leave a live concert after hearing the last passage - what happens then - just silence? Or do we value instead the life of that sonata?  I tend to think this last, as if the same thing happened over the life and death of a person - what matters is the valuation of life after it ends - not the silence later (which incidentally sounds like the silence before, what a paradox!). It also makes me think about the role of the interpreter; like reading poetry, the poet's role is to give life to the cold letter written on paper, drawn by interpreting the meanings.

 Personally I'm like an empty shell after playing a Beethoven sonata; little is left of me and doing nothing for a while restores my psycho emotional energy, perhaps because I feel each version as unique - that time is everything in itself, and as such,  it is only the bullet to infinity. After that, other bullets may exist, but because of the relation with the above, it will also be unique and unrepeatable.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me. Let's hope it will be unique each time ... :)

Sebastián Forster